Hold the Distractions

Mobile devices can make the job easier or create serious distractions. Disrupting alerts, incoming messages, and diverting apps can slow down work, jeopardize quality and even cause accidents.
TRUCE makes using mobile phones behind the wheel or on the job safer for your employees and your company.

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Hold the Distractions

Noisy alerts and notifications on a mobile device – work-related or not – can slow down work. Jeopardize quality. And at worst, cause accidents.

TRUCE makes using mobile phones behind the wheel or on the job safer for your employees and your company.

It’s Like an Automatic Light Switch, Only for Safety

TRUCE automatically switches your employee’s phone or tablet to a protected state whenever the app senses high-risk situations such as driving a vehicle or operating heavy equipment. Only the apps your employees need are visible.

Best of all, when the risk is gone, TRUCE automatically switches the phone back to normal function and slips to the background.

Check out the video to see TRUCE in action.

Is TRUCE Right for Your Business?

TRUCE offers an undefeatable solution to policy compliance – your employees can’t opt out or delete it from their device. That means you can rest easy knowing your policies are being enforced.

Do your employees:
Drive as part of their job.
Operate heavy equipment.
Drive vehicles branded with the company name on the side.
Use mobile phones or tablets for work.

Making Smart Phones Smarter and Your Business Safer

Automatic Protection
Switches the phone or tablet to a protected state as soon as the app detects a high-risk situation

Stay Connected Safely
Enable handsfree calling for all calls or select calls based on your policy

The Right Apps at the Right Time
Select which job-specific apps to allow employees to access depending on the situation

Preventing Not Tracking
Non-work-related activities are not our business. TRUCE doesn’t track where users go or what they do, just helps them do it safely.

In Case of an Emergency
Access to emergency services is always enabled

Any Device. Anywhere.
Built for iOS and Android platforms enforcing your policy even when WiFi is down or cellular coverage is lacking

Built for the Way You Run Your Business


Adjust mobile device access based on the employee, the work being done or the environment.

Easy Set Up and Implementation

No taking devices offline or out of the field

Insightful Analytics

Standard and configurable reports and alerts


Per Month

Per employee or $198 per year

Your Policy, Your Rules

Device Management

Usage Management

Implementation Support

Training Support

Create a Competitive Advantage by Doing the Right Thing

“TRUCE actually makes us better. By not being on our phones, we are able to stay focused on what we’re doing and serving our customers. Our accident rates have actually dropped more than 70% since we started.”

Adam Kohler, Chief Operating Officer, Welding Supply Company

“We’ve created a real competitive advantage. By implementing TRUCE, we’re demonstrating we’re doing everything in our power to meet the high standards and policies of our customers and, at the same time, keeping our drivers safe.”

Charlie Grendon, Managing Director, Electrical Contractor

“If a company wants their team members protected and all going home safely to their families at the end of the day, they should consider TRUCE.”

William West, Operations Manager, HVAC and plumbing services

“That’s our company’s name on the side of the truck and our reputation. TRUCE helped us reduce complaints about our technicians on the road by more than 50%.”

Mike Letters, Fleet Safety Manager, Pest Control Company